2014 Top Ten GGG Blends Sampler
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Here is a set of the top ten GG Glass blends of 2014, all together in one convenient package! Included is your pick of either 1oz or 1/2 oz of each of the following:

  1. GGG-CB-001 Abracadabra
  2. GGG-CB-004 Aruba Sunset
  3. GGG-CB-008 Bead Still Your Heart
  4. GGG-CB-009 Being Green
  5. GGG-CB-011 Best of the Best
  6. GGG-CB-017 Bubblicious
  7. GGG-CB-020 Couldn't Be Bluer
  8. GGG-CB-026 Dream On
  9. GGG-CB-036 Gotta React
  10. GGG-CB-055 Northern Lights
  • 96 coe:
  • Item #: GGG-10-2014
  • Manufacturer: GG Glass

2014 Top Ten GGG Blends Sampler

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