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Apricot Brilliant Gold Copper Blue
ApricotBrilliant GoldCopper Blue





R-212 This is a striking color, so don't be alarmed if it looks green when you get if will strike to a wonderful brown-gold tone. Perfect for stringers!R-48 Lead-free Copper Blue




Lead Crystal Purple Corn Yellow
Lead CrystalPurpleCorn Yellow


Lead Crystal

G-040 A stunning transparent purple.

R-77 Corn Yellow




Dark Gold Pink Dark Opal Olive Green Gold Brown
Dark Gold PinkDark Opal Olive GreenGold Brown

R-003 Dark Gold Pink .


Dark Opal Olive Green.

R-215 Dark Golden Brown transparent that reduces to Blue-Silver color !




Gold Ruby Iris Light Blue Opal Green
Gold RubyIris Light BlueOpal Green

G-014 A rich beautiful gold ruby! Use a reducing flame to bring out a beautiful gold sheen.

R-211 Iris Light Blue reduces to Silver


Opal Green




Opal Grey Green Opal Light Blue Opal Marine Blue
Opal Grey GreenOpal Light BlueOpal Marine Blue
R-181 Light Opal Gray with a hint of green .


Opal Light Blue.


Opal Marine Blue.




Opal Sky Blue Pastel Blue Violet Pistachio Green
Opal Sky BluePastel Blue VioletPistachio Green


Opal Sky Blue.

R-170 A delicate light violet blue...


Pistachio Green.




Sea Green Silver Crystal Soft Violet
Sea GreenSilver CrystalSoft Violet
R-8904 Reduces to silver color .R-102 This clear will reduce to an opalescent gold .


Soft Violet.




Neutral Grey Hyacinth Copper Blue
Neutral GreyHyacinthCopper Blue


Neutral Grey

A stunning transparent violet purple.
A transparent copper blue.