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Iris Dark Brown Iris Orange Opal Brown
Iris Dark BrownIris OrangeOpal Brown

R-106 Sometimes called "Dark Raku," this color blossoms into a night-shadowed rainbow when an oxidizing flame is used. One of my friends on LE gave this great tip: "While this one doesn't make rainbow colors like Multicolor, I think people have...

R-108 This frit is pure magic, yeilding a rainbow from yellows all the way to deep purple depending on your flame settings (and the set of your mouth....) The example bead was made by Genea Crivello-Knable of GeneaBeads, found on Etsy at . Stop by and check out her work!!

R-130 What a rich brown this is! The colour of this frit is not even close to the end look!




Scarlet Brown Garnet Ferrari Red
Scarlet BrownGarnetFerrari Red
R-139 Caramel Brown or Scarlet Brown. .

R-143 Deep transparent red.


This color strikes to red..







Soft Rose Opal Olive Green Linden Tree Green
Soft RoseOpal Olive GreenLinden Tree Green

R-151 Pale Pink or Soft Rose.


An excellent olive.


Light Green or Linden Tree Green.




Light Yellow Iris Amber Green Iris Gold
Light YellowIris Amber GreenIris Gold


Butter yellow.







R-191 This color has wonderful reducing properties. A nice pale green and a reduction of amber.

R-217 A rich, deep gold!! You can use this to make faux boro if you swirl this with a rod of Moretti transparent light brown (hanpulled works better) or straw yellow, or pull into stringers!




Iris Yellow Cranberry Pink Rose Opal
Iris YellowCranberry PinkRose Opal

R-218 Sunny & bright, this is a Reichenbach transparent reducing frit. A reducing flame will yield a metallic sheen...

R-232 This is quite a lovely colour, achieving a range from a deep cranberry colour to a gold colour when introduced to a reduction flame.

R-301-1 A surprisingly gorgeous opal rose .




Black Enamel White Opal White
BlackEnamel WhiteOpal White


Extra Dense Black.


A true enamel white. Wonderful over silver!!!


Opal White.




Purple Rose Pale Blue Turquoise
Purple RosePale BlueTurquoise

R-733 Purple Rose, similar to Zimmermann's "Purple Rose Special." Truly yummy!

A lovely sky blue.
A southwestern touch of opaque color.




Chameleon Corn Yellow Multicolor Dark
ChameleonCorn YellowMulticolor Dark

G-138 Shifts from blue to green & back again, depending on your flame settings. Especially pretty with Iron Mountain's new blend "Ethereal"!!!

So crisp & bright you can smell it roasting!  Opaque.

R-736-1 Similar to Iris Orange (Raku), this frit is pure magic, yeilding a rainbow from yellows all the way to deep purple depending on your flame settings (and the set of your mouth....). This is darker than the regular Multicolor. The example...