Alpine Ice Deluxe Fiber Mix
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These are cut lengths of gorgeous fibers, ribbons, cords & laces dyed in muted shares of greys, silvers & ice blues. Each strand is roughly 72" long - plenty of ribbon for necklaces, yoga wraps, etc. 

This particular package contains 1 strand each of the following:

1. Snow

2. Matte 4mm flat braid

3. Satin 4mm flat braid

4. Ribbon chain (about 5mm wide)

5. Light blue ribbon1cm wide

6. 2mm round cord

7. 5mm dark grey ladder lace

8. cream/silver rough braid

9. 3mm Ice blue ethereal

10. 3mm silver round

11. 6mm grey/silver ribbon

  • Item #: IMJ-SR-003

Alpine Ice Deluxe Fiber Mix

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