Cleopatra's Milk Bath - Scented


Made from powdered milk (cow, goat or buttermilk), baking soda and a combination of Pacific Rim, Dead Sea & Epsom salts.

All you have to do is pick your scent or combination of scents (suggestion - pick 1 to 3 oils. More than that gets overpowering!)

If you'd like a little color or shimmer to your salts, add that too! Selections are as follows:


Essential Oils:                                     Colors:

Bergamot (B)                                      Blue (B)

Cedarwood (CW)                                 Brown (BR)

Chamomile (C)                                    Green (G)

Eucalyptus (E)                                     Orange (O)

Geranium (GE)                                    Purple/Lilac (P)

Ginger (G)                                          Red/Pink (R)

Jasmine (J)                                         Yellow (Y)

Lavender (L)                                       Gold Shimmer (GS)

Neroli (N)                                           Silver Shimmer (SS)

Orange (O)                                         White Pearl (WP)

Peppermint (P)                             

Rose (R)

Rosemary (RM)

Tea Tree (TT)

Vanilla (V)

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  • Manufacturer: That Frit Girl

Cleopatra's Milk Bath - Scented

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