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All Kugler frits are now offered in 0.5oz increments for simplicity and are carefully measured on a digital scale for accuracy. Please order the volume that you
want and it will be shipped in jars appropriate to the volume ordered.
Kugler glass has a C.O.E. of 96 and is a furnace blown glass.
The approximate grind size range runs approximately as follows: Size 0: 0.5mm-1mm, Size 1: 1mm-2.4mm, Size 2: 2.4mm-3.8mm, Size 3: 3.8mm-5mm, Size 4: 5mm-8mm, Size 5: 8mm-11.5mm (Val Cox).
The BOC Samples are, however, for Challenge participants only...  If there is a frit that you'd like
to try this is a GREAT way to do it!!!!  If you really don't want to take part in the Challenge and still would like to try out a frit, please contact me with the color and I'll send you a sample....

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Light Tobacco Jade Green
Light TobaccoAlabasterJade Green

K-222 A creamy light tobacco.

Beautiful, like ice...

K-227 Like a fresh cut lawn!




Fuschia Wine Red Czar Green
FuschiaWine RedCzar Green

K-230 A brilliant transparent pink.

K-232 Similar to Reichenbach Cranberry Pink. Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our test beads for us!

K-243 An interesting grey green. Unique and lovely.




Aventurine Blue Aventurine Gold
Aventurine BlueLapis BlueAventurine Gold

K-888 Kugler's intense, sparkly blue goldstone!!!

K-91 All you need is a little gold...

K-999 Kugler's intense, sparkly goldstone!!! Now in powder and chunks!!