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All Reichenbach frits are now offered in 0.5oz increments for simplicity and are weighed on a digital scale for accuracy. Please order the volume that
you want and it will be shipped in jars appropriate to the volume ordered. 
The C.O.E. of Reichenbach is 96 and it is a furnace blown glass.
The approximate grind size range runs approximately as follows: Powder, Size 00, Size 0: 0.5mm-1mm, Size 1: 1mm-2.4mm, Size 2:
2.4mm-3.8mm, Size 3: 3.8mm-5mm, Size 4: 5mm-8mm, Size 5: 8mm-11.5mm (Val Cox)
The BOC Samples are, however, for Challenge participants only...  If there is a frit that you'd like
to try this is a GREAT way to do it!!!!  If you really don't want to take part in the Challenge and still would like to try out a frit, please contact me with the color and I'll send you a sample....

Reichenbach MSDS link.
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Alabaster Beryl Green Brilliant Gold
AlabasterBeryl GreenBrilliant Gold


A delicate porceline translucent white.




Gorgeous transparent green!





R-212 This is a striking color, so don't be alarmed if it looks green when you get if will strike to a wonderful brown-gold tone. Perfect for stringers!




Copper Blue Copper Ruby Dark Blue (Lead Free)
Copper BlueCopper RubyDark Blue (Lead Free)
R-48 Lead-free Copper Blue

R-042 Dark Copper Ruby reduces to silver!


Great with silver leaf!








Lead Crystal Saffron Apple Green
Lead CrystalSaffronApple Green


Lead Crystal

R-016 A lovely transparent rich saffron !

R-074 Aptly named...again! Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!




Apple Yellow Apricot Aqua Blue
Apple YellowApricotAqua Blue


Aptly named..





R-40 Aqua Blue




Aqua Silver Blue Aventurine Green Aventurine Old Gold
Aqua Silver BlueAventurine GreenAventurine Old Gold

R-719 A clear vibrant carribbean blue. I just want to dive right in! This blue reduces to a silvery sheen.

R-59 Dark emerald green with gold sparkles.

R-58 What a rich gold!! It sparkles like a tapestry that you'd find in a palace!! . Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!




Black Bluish Dark Violet Brilliant Copper Blue
BlackBluish Dark VioletBrilliant Copper Blue


Extra Dense Black.


 Bluish Dark Violet. Purple with a hint of blue.

R-39 This is a gorgeous color - it reminds me of the clear water of a summer swimming hole... Remember, the larger size frit is great for stringer-pulling!!!




Brilliant Yellow (Lead Free) Canary Yellow
Brilliant Yellow (Lead Free)BronzeCanary Yellow

R-020 A true brilliant transparent canary yellow !


A rich, reactive metallic frit.






Just like the cheerful little birds!!




Celadon Green Copper Ruby Light Coral Red
Celadon GreenCopper Ruby LightCoral Red


Delicate, light & minty.

R-244 As mouthwatering as a good, sweet currant wine... Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!


Beautiful deep sea coral red.




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