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All Reichenbach frits are now offered in 0.5oz increments for simplicity and are weighed on a digital scale for accuracy. Please order the volume that
you want and it will be shipped in jars appropriate to the volume ordered. 
The C.O.E. of Reichenbach is 96 and it is a furnace blown glass.
The approximate grind size range runs approximately as follows: Powder, Size 00, Size 0: 0.5mm-1mm, Size 1: 1mm-2.4mm, Size 2:
2.4mm-3.8mm, Size 3: 3.8mm-5mm, Size 4: 5mm-8mm, Size 5: 8mm-11.5mm (Val Cox)
The BOC Samples are, however, for Challenge participants only...  If there is a frit that you'd like
to try this is a GREAT way to do it!!!!  If you really don't want to take part in the Challenge and still would like to try out a frit, please contact me with the color and I'll send you a sample....

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Corn Yellow Cranberry Pink Curry
Corn YellowCranberry PinkCurry

R-77 Corn Yellow

R-232 This is quite a lovely colour, achieving a range from a deep cranberry colour to a gold colour when introduced to a reduction flame.






Dark Amber Dark Blue Dark Celadon
Dark AmberDark BlueDark Celadon


Dark Amber

R-41 A beautiful dark cobalt blue !

R-712 A rich, deep darkly-transparent blue-green. Great with silver leaf and super with ivory!




Dark Gold Pink Dark Opal Olive Green Dense Green
Dark Gold PinkDark Opal Olive GreenDense Green

R-003 Dark Gold Pink .


Dark Opal Olive Green.

R-75 A rich, dense grass green!




Dutch Blue Emerald Green Metallic Enamel White
Dutch BlueEmerald Green MetallicEnamel White


This color reminds me of wedgewood china.

R-701 This beautiful emerald green will reduce to silver.


A true enamel white. Wonderful over silver!!!




Extra Light Tobacco Ferrari Red Flamingo
Extra Light TobaccoFerrari RedFlamingo

R-230 Extra Light Tobacco is at least two shades lighter than Light Tobacco. A light warm tobacco color. With a reduction flame this color reduces to silver.


This color strikes to red..





Watch for feathers on this tropical bird!




Florence White Fuschia Garnet
Florence WhiteFuschiaGarnet


Creamy antique white...

R-9 Fuchsia - an extremely brilliant color.

R-143 Deep transparent red.




Gold Brown Gold Ruby Gold Ruby Extra
Gold BrownGold RubyGold Ruby Extra
R-215 Dark Golden Brown transparent that reduces to Blue-Silver color !

R-2 A very light color of Gold Ruby.

R-5 Dark Gold Ruby .




Gold Topaz Heliotrope Honey Yellow (Lead Free)
Gold TopazHeliotropeHoney Yellow (Lead Free)

R-19 Golden orange-brown .

R-11 A gorgeous transparent purple.


Yellow with a hint of Golden Honey!






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