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All Reichenbach frits are now offered in 0.5oz increments for simplicity and are weighed on a digital scale for accuracy. Please order the volume that
you want and it will be shipped in jars appropriate to the volume ordered. 
The C.O.E. of Reichenbach is 96 and it is a furnace blown glass.
The approximate grind size range runs approximately as follows: Powder, Size 00, Size 0: 0.5mm-1mm, Size 1: 1mm-2.4mm, Size 2:
2.4mm-3.8mm, Size 3: 3.8mm-5mm, Size 4: 5mm-8mm, Size 5: 8mm-11.5mm (Val Cox)
The BOC Samples are, however, for Challenge participants only...  If there is a frit that you'd like
to try this is a GREAT way to do it!!!!  If you really don't want to take part in the Challenge and still would like to try out a frit, please contact me with the color and I'll send you a sample....

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Hyacinth Blue Iris Amber Iris Amber Green
Hyacinth BlueIris AmberIris Amber Green

R-14 This is an incredibly vibrant purple blue!

R-199 Like it's non-iris cousin, this earthy brown is a must for organics, but it has a surprising twist: it has tones of amber and deep green with a beautiful silver reduction!!

R-191 This color has wonderful reducing properties. A nice pale green and a reduction of amber.




Iris Black Iris Blue Iris Brown Dark
Iris BlackIris BlueIris Brown Dark

R-146 Black with a silver luster when a reducing flame is applied

R-145 This is an incredible blue that reduces to a silvery sheen. The example beads are made by Melanie Hazen of Bella Luna Design . Stop by and check her out!!


Ivory & silver friendly.




Iris Dark Blue Iris Dark Brown Iris Gold
Iris Dark BlueIris Dark BrownIris Gold

R-144 This is the blue of the deepest waters of the Caribbean, again reducing to a gorgeous silvery sheen.

R-106 Sometimes called "Dark Raku," this color blossoms into a night-shadowed rainbow when an oxidizing flame is used. One of my friends on LE gave this great tip: "While this one doesn't make rainbow colors like Multicolor, I think people have...

R-217 A rich, deep gold!! You can use this to make faux boro if you swirl this with a rod of Moretti transparent light brown (hanpulled works better) or straw yellow, or pull into stringers!




Iris Green Iris Light Blue Iris Night Blue
Iris GreenIris Light BlueIris Night Blue

R-136 Iris Green - reduces to silver.

R-211 Iris Light Blue reduces to Silver

R-192 The blue waters of Jamaica at night, this blue is true and dark.




Iris Orange Iris Violet Iris Yellow
Iris OrangeIris VioletIris Yellow
R-108 This frit is pure magic, yeilding a rainbow from yellows all the way to deep purple depending on your flame settings (and the set of your mouth....) The example bead was made by Genea Crivello-Knable of GeneaBeads, found on Etsy at . Stop by and check out her work!!

R-128 A gorgeous, rich reactive violet frit - reduces to silver.

R-218 Sunny & bright, this is a Reichenbach transparent reducing frit. A reducing flame will yield a metallic sheen...




Ivory Jade Green Lapis Blue
IvoryJade GreenLapis Blue

R-165 Such a creamy, milky color - smooth as silk.


A beautiful oriental Jade Green.


An opaque bright crayola blue.





Lavender Light Beige Light Tobacco
LavenderLight BeigeLight Tobacco

R-083 Exactly the color of the blooms - just lacking the aroma! Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!


Light beige


Light Tobacco




Light Yellow Lilac Red Linden Tree Green
Light YellowLilac RedLinden Tree Green


Butter yellow.







R-97 A deep red-purple-lilac perfect for florals and hearts...


Light Green or Linden Tree Green.