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All Reichenbach frits are now offered in 0.5oz increments for simplicity and are weighed on a digital scale for accuracy. Please order the volume that
you want and it will be shipped in jars appropriate to the volume ordered. 
The C.O.E. of Reichenbach is 96 and it is a furnace blown glass.
The approximate grind size range runs approximately as follows: Powder, Size 00, Size 0: 0.5mm-1mm, Size 1: 1mm-2.4mm, Size 2:
2.4mm-3.8mm, Size 3: 3.8mm-5mm, Size 4: 5mm-8mm, Size 5: 8mm-11.5mm (Val Cox)
The BOC Samples are, however, for Challenge participants only...  If there is a frit that you'd like
to try this is a GREAT way to do it!!!!  If you really don't want to take part in the Challenge and still would like to try out a frit, please contact me with the color and I'll send you a sample....

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Alabaster Beryl Green Brilliant Gold
AlabasterBeryl GreenBrilliant Gold


A delicate porceline translucent white.




Gorgeous transparent green!





R-212 This is a striking color, so don't be alarmed if it looks green when you get if will strike to a wonderful brown-gold tone. Perfect for stringers!




Copper Blue Copper Ruby Dark Blue (Lead Free)
Copper BlueCopper RubyDark Blue (Lead Free)
R-48 Lead-free Copper Blue

R-042 Dark Copper Ruby reduces to silver!


Great with silver leaf!








Lead Crystal Saffron Apple Green
Lead CrystalSaffronApple Green


Lead Crystal

R-016 A lovely transparent rich saffron !

R-074 Aptly named...again! Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!




Apple Yellow Apricot Aqua Blue
Apple YellowApricotAqua Blue


Aptly named..





R-40 Aqua Blue




Aqua Silver Blue Aventurine Green Aventurine Old Gold
Aqua Silver BlueAventurine GreenAventurine Old Gold

R-719 A clear vibrant carribbean blue. I just want to dive right in! This blue reduces to a silvery sheen.

R-59 Dark emerald green with gold sparkles.

R-58 What a rich gold!! It sparkles like a tapestry that you'd find in a palace!! . Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!




Black Bluish Dark Violet Brilliant Copper Blue
BlackBluish Dark VioletBrilliant Copper Blue


Extra Dense Black.


 Bluish Dark Violet. Purple with a hint of blue.

R-39 This is a gorgeous color - it reminds me of the clear water of a summer swimming hole... Remember, the larger size frit is great for stringer-pulling!!!




Brilliant Yellow (Lead Free) Canary Yellow
Brilliant Yellow (Lead Free)BronzeCanary Yellow

R-020 A true brilliant transparent canary yellow !


A rich, reactive metallic frit.






Just like the cheerful little birds!!




Celadon Green Copper Ruby Light Coral Red
Celadon GreenCopper Ruby LightCoral Red


Delicate, light & minty.

R-244 As mouthwatering as a good, sweet currant wine... Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!


Beautiful deep sea coral red.




Corn Yellow Cranberry Pink Curry
Corn YellowCranberry PinkCurry

R-77 Corn Yellow

R-232 This is quite a lovely colour, achieving a range from a deep cranberry colour to a gold colour when introduced to a reduction flame.






Dark Amber Dark Blue Dark Celadon
Dark AmberDark BlueDark Celadon


Dark Amber

R-41 A beautiful dark cobalt blue !

R-712 A rich, deep darkly-transparent blue-green. Great with silver leaf and super with ivory!




Dark Gold Pink Dark Opal Olive Green Dense Green
Dark Gold PinkDark Opal Olive GreenDense Green

R-003 Dark Gold Pink .


Dark Opal Olive Green.

R-75 A rich, dense grass green!




Dutch Blue Emerald Green Metallic Enamel White
Dutch BlueEmerald Green MetallicEnamel White


This color reminds me of wedgewood china.

R-701 This beautiful emerald green will reduce to silver.


A true enamel white. Wonderful over silver!!!




Extra Light Tobacco Ferrari Red Flamingo
Extra Light TobaccoFerrari RedFlamingo

R-230 Extra Light Tobacco is at least two shades lighter than Light Tobacco. A light warm tobacco color. With a reduction flame this color reduces to silver.


This color strikes to red..





Watch for feathers on this tropical bird!




Florence White Fuschia Garnet
Florence WhiteFuschiaGarnet


Creamy antique white...

R-9 Fuchsia - an extremely brilliant color.

R-143 Deep transparent red.




Gold Brown Gold Ruby Gold Ruby Extra
Gold BrownGold RubyGold Ruby Extra
R-215 Dark Golden Brown transparent that reduces to Blue-Silver color !

R-2 A very light color of Gold Ruby.

R-5 Dark Gold Ruby .




Gold Topaz Heliotrope Honey Yellow (Lead Free)
Gold TopazHeliotropeHoney Yellow (Lead Free)

R-19 Golden orange-brown .

R-11 A gorgeous transparent purple.


Yellow with a hint of Golden Honey!






Hyacinth Blue Iris Amber Iris Amber Green
Hyacinth BlueIris AmberIris Amber Green

R-14 This is an incredibly vibrant purple blue!

R-199 Like it's non-iris cousin, this earthy brown is a must for organics, but it has a surprising twist: it has tones of amber and deep green with a beautiful silver reduction!!

R-191 This color has wonderful reducing properties. A nice pale green and a reduction of amber.




Iris Black Iris Blue Iris Brown Dark
Iris BlackIris BlueIris Brown Dark

R-146 Black with a silver luster when a reducing flame is applied

R-145 This is an incredible blue that reduces to a silvery sheen. The example beads are made by Melanie Hazen of Bella Luna Design . Stop by and check her out!!


Ivory & silver friendly.




Iris Dark Blue Iris Dark Brown Iris Gold
Iris Dark BlueIris Dark BrownIris Gold

R-144 This is the blue of the deepest waters of the Caribbean, again reducing to a gorgeous silvery sheen.

R-106 Sometimes called "Dark Raku," this color blossoms into a night-shadowed rainbow when an oxidizing flame is used. One of my friends on LE gave this great tip: "While this one doesn't make rainbow colors like Multicolor, I think people have...

R-217 A rich, deep gold!! You can use this to make faux boro if you swirl this with a rod of Moretti transparent light brown (hanpulled works better) or straw yellow, or pull into stringers!




Iris Green Iris Light Blue Iris Night Blue
Iris GreenIris Light BlueIris Night Blue

R-136 Iris Green - reduces to silver.

R-211 Iris Light Blue reduces to Silver

R-192 The blue waters of Jamaica at night, this blue is true and dark.




Iris Orange Iris Violet Iris Yellow
Iris OrangeIris VioletIris Yellow
R-108 This frit is pure magic, yeilding a rainbow from yellows all the way to deep purple depending on your flame settings (and the set of your mouth....) The example bead was made by Genea Crivello-Knable of GeneaBeads, found on Etsy at . Stop by and check out her work!!

R-128 A gorgeous, rich reactive violet frit - reduces to silver.

R-218 Sunny & bright, this is a Reichenbach transparent reducing frit. A reducing flame will yield a metallic sheen...




Ivory Jade Green Lapis Blue
IvoryJade GreenLapis Blue

R-165 Such a creamy, milky color - smooth as silk.


A beautiful oriental Jade Green.


An opaque bright crayola blue.





Lavender Light Beige Light Tobacco
LavenderLight BeigeLight Tobacco

R-083 Exactly the color of the blooms - just lacking the aroma! Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!


Light beige


Light Tobacco




Light Yellow Lilac Red Linden Tree Green
Light YellowLilac RedLinden Tree Green


Butter yellow.







R-97 A deep red-purple-lilac perfect for florals and hearts...


Light Green or Linden Tree Green.




Lipstick Red Mandarin Marine Blue
Lipstick RedMandarinMarine Blue


Pucker up!


A soft orange tone we are sure you (and your customers) will love.

R-045 A beautiful marine blue, not too dark and not too light!




Mocha Multicolor Multicolor Dark
MochaMulticolorMulticolor Dark



R-198 Similar to Iris Orange (Raku), this frit is pure magic, yeilding a rainbow from yellows all the way to deep purple depending on your flame settings (and the set of your mouth....).

R-736-1 Similar to Iris Orange (Raku), this frit is pure magic, yeilding a rainbow from yellows all the way to deep purple depending on your flame settings (and the set of your mouth....). This is darker than the regular Multicolor. The example...




Neon Green Neutral Grey New Emerald Green
Neon GreenNeutral GreyNew Emerald Green


Aptly named..


Neutral Grey

R-29 A beautiful deep green-blue, the deepest emerald-blue green by Reichenbach. .




New Light Yellow Night Blue Ochre Yellow
New Light YellowNight BlueOchre Yellow


White Gold or New Light Yellow!


The blue of a midnight sky.


A creamy yellow ochre.




Old Pink Rose Opal Aquamarine Opal Black
Old Pink RoseOpal AquamarineOpal Black


A soft opaque rose.


A lovely opal aquamarine.


You can get a silver sheen depending on your flame settings with this frit!!!






Opal Bright Pink Opal Brown Opal Green
Opal Bright PinkOpal BrownOpal Green


A true opal bright pink that's great for those spring and summeer florals!

R-130 What a rich brown this is! The colour of this frit is not even close to the end look!


Opal Green




Opal Grey Opal Grey Green Opal Light Blue
Opal GreyOpal Grey GreenOpal Light Blue


Opal Grey

R-181 Light Opal Gray with a hint of green .


Opal Light Blue.




Opal Marine Blue Opal Neutral Grey Opal Olive Green
Opal Marine BlueOpal Neutral GreyOpal Olive Green


Opal Marine Blue.


A nice basic opaque grey.




An excellent olive.




Opal Raspberry Opal Sea Blue Opal Sky Blue
Opal RaspberryOpal Sea BlueOpal Sky Blue


A sweet, juicy pink.

R-93 Like a bluer form of turquoise. Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!


Opal Sky Blue.




Opal Turquoise Opal Violet Opal White
Opal TurquoiseOpal VioletOpal White


A lovely blue-green just like the stone.


A gorgeous, vibrant violet!

We have Karen Fox to thank for our stacked test beads!




Opal White.




Opalescent Light Blue Opaline Rose Pale Copper Ruby
Opalescent Light BlueOpaline RosePale Copper Ruby
R-153 An ethereal semi-opaque light blue. Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!R-166 A semi-opaque purple that is completely mouthwatering! Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!

R-730 Almost like looking into a pool of ruby water!




Pale Light Blue Pastel Blue Violet Pistachio Green
Pale Light BluePastel Blue VioletPistachio Green


Extra Light Blue or Pale Light Blue

R-170 A delicate light violet blue...


Pistachio Green.




Purple Purple Rose Reddish Amethyst
PurplePurple RoseReddish Amethyst

R-96 Extra Rich Raspberry or Purple. Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!

R-733 Purple Rose, similar to Zimmermann's "Purple Rose Special." Truly yummy!

R-12 A very berry amethyst!




Reddish Opal Orange Reseda Green Rose Opal
Reddish Opal OrangeReseda GreenRose Opal




A light green more on the sage side with a hint of yellow.



R-301-1 A surprisingly gorgeous opal rose .




Rose Red Sahara Salmon Pink
Rose RedSaharaSalmon Pink


A gorgeous opaque rose red.



R-162 A warm opaque peachy-yellow perfect for those fall fashions.

R-6 A beautiful light orange-pink perfect for fall and spring . Our sample bead is courtesy of Stefanie Gough - please take a minute and check out her stunning heart beads and other beautiful artisanship at  Karen...




Sandy Yellow Scarlet Brown Sea Green
Sandy YellowScarlet BrownSea Green


An intense deep yellow.

R-139 Caramel Brown or Scarlet Brown. .R-8904 Reduces to silver color .




Silver Crystal Smoke Blue Smoked Silver
Silver CrystalSmoke BlueSmoked Silver
R-102 This clear will reduce to an opalescent gold .R-235-1 A beautiful smokey blue-grey with a gold luster when a reducing flame is applied.

R-770 Grey with a gold luster when a reducing flame is applied.




Soft Rose Soft Violet Special Dense Black
Soft RoseSoft VioletSpecial Dense Black

R-151 Pale Pink or Soft Rose.


Soft Violet.

R-54-SP Like being blindfolded at midnight...




Strawberry Summer Meadow Turquoise
StrawberrySummer MeadowTurquoise
R-139 A vibrant transparent strawberry red . Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!


This is truly spring!

R-49 A turquoise with a hint of gray.




Violet Blue Water Blue Watermellon Green
Violet BlueWater BlueWatermellon Green

R-10 A beautiful clear blue purple .

R-087 Take the plunge! Karen Fox (Karrina) was kind enough to make our stacked test beads for us!






White Smoke Yellowish Aroura Yellowish Opal Orange
White SmokeYellowish ArouraYellowish Opal Orange


White Smoke

R-008 I love this frit! Such a delicate transparent yellow-salmon-pink color! .


An sunny opaque orange yellow.




Yellowish Opal Red
Yellowish Opal Red


A brilliant, cheerful red-orange.